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<font color="000000"Hand Poured Wooden Wick Candles & Wax Melts

All of our candles and wax melts are hand poured in small batches using a non toxic, premium soy blend wax. Our candles feature a natural wooden wick to create the soothing sound of a crackling fire while burning.

Try our Scent of The Month!

August’s Scent of The Month is Cashmere Cedar.

One of our best selling candles with sweet top notes sprinkled over a bed of petals, finished with a smooth, woody base. A lighter scent but one of our absolute faves!!!!

Top – vanilla sugar
Middle – rose, jasmine, vanilla orchid
Bottom – cedarwood, creamy vanilla, smooth musks

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Jar Candles & Wax Melts included. 

About SoulFire Candle Co.

Owner Charli is the single mom to two amazing kids, Kalle and Kaden and six fur baby Australian Shepherds, Sophie, Samson, Phoebe, Myra, Esther & Scarlett. Her daughter Kalle is a junior in college and Kaden is in middle school.

A 2-year divorcee, Charli knew her income alone could not pay all the bills and her savings would only last so long. Shortly after the divorce, Covid happened. And with both of her kids at home, they sought something crafty to do. After a few months of research, they ultimately landed on the idea of candles! Immediately they knew that this was something they could do as a family and turn the idea into a business as well. 

Now Charli and her children make high quality, highly fragranced, wood wick candles & wax melts. Her favorite thing about making candles is the crackling of wooden wicks. They are so relaxing to listen to! Kaden even invested his money to add the wax warmers to their current collection and he gets really excited when a customer purchases them!

Candle making has provided such a calming escape for Charli and her kids and it also serves as a relaxing venture away from the chaos going on in this world right now. #Enjoy

A Few ♡ Letters:

My co-worker gave me a candle for christmas and I loved it! It didn’t bother my husbands allergies! 
Thank you so much! 

Thanks Charli & ...

Soul Fire Candle!!! I just recently purchased 2 7oz Sandalwood Vanilla candles, gorgeous scent!! 

– Courtney

I absolutely...

love your candles!! Yours have the best fragrance ever!!

– Frances 

I have the...

8.5oz size & the scent fills my whole open space. I recommend these 100% – you will LOVE them! 

-Anne Marie

Her candles...

 have the best fragrances & high quality about them. I have gotten several scents, styles & varieties from her. So if you haven’t ordered from her yet, please do so, you won’t be disappointed. 


Excellent product 🥰

– Autumn

Really enjoying...

 the black raspberry vanilla scent. Thanks, Charli!

– Laurie


 candles ever!

– Charlotte

Received my...

wax cubes today and OMG they smell amazing!!! Will be buying more for sure!!!! Thank you.

– Charlotte L

Thank You...

Soulfire Candle Co. for making my clients house warming gift so cozy. I was astonished when I opened my gift set and saw how adorable it was and how much love you put into preparing and boxing up my product. From the way each product piece was placed in the gift box to the cute “fragile handle with care” on the shipping label.

I can tell you love what you do and you care highly that your clients experience is nothing less than perfect. Thanks for making my experience nothing less than the best! I will order again 🤍⭐️⭐️⭐️ 

– Jess

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